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A farm, surrounded by green fields, with mountains all around it.
The Catawba Sustainability Center is a 377-acre farm property in the Catawba Valley in Roanoke County, Virginia.

A living-learning environment for research and demonstration

A former dairy farm supplying the Catawba Hospital, the 377-acre Catawba property came under Virginia Tech's supervision in 1988. It serves as a living laboratory to advance environmental stewardship and community engagement to provide a learning environment for the research, teaching, and demonstration of sustainable practices in agriculture, forestry, and land management.

Working in collaboration with community partners to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future, the center serves the community through educational programs, workshops, and demonstrations on a variety of sustainability topics.

The center's foundation is built on a local partnership with Roanoke County, as well as a close relationship with Virginia Cooperative Extension.


We are leading the way in the exploration of new models that go beyond production and environmental standards of traditional methods to serve as demonstrations for adoption by diverse interested parties.


Community partnerships help us strengthen our mission and disseminate knowledge. By exchanging ideas, we learn and grow together.


Our work ensures that all projects are executed in a manner that not only meets present demands but also benefits future generations.

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