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Small-Farm Incubator

A farm field shows rows of old crops covered in white plastic.
A woman leans over a leafy row of greens in the garden.
A row of cut logs sits upright in the woods.

This Catawba Sustainability Center community outreach project gives beginning farmers room to grow. 

Local residents are raising livestock, growing peppers for hot sauces, cultivating mushrooms on logs, and nuturing beehives from which the main product isn’t necessarily honey as part of the center's Small-Farm Incubator program.

Access to land is a huge obstacle to young and beginning farmers. The incubator project provides not only the space to get started, but participants also get crucial support to help their projects succeed.

Participants have access to:

  • Land.
  • Hand tools.
  • Irrigation equipment.
  • Land preparation.
  • Advice in dealing with problems such as diseases and pests.
  • Forming a business plan.
  • Filing taxes as a farmer.
  • Networking.
  • Finding a market for their produce.

For more information, contact Adam Taylor.